Perhaps you feel the need to withdraw somewhere. Do you want to step out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and enter the beauty of nature, where your heart can rest and your body can regenerate? Are you looking for an option that may be a necessity or a conscious and right choice for you?

Such an option exists.

7 days of the flow of life, music, movement. Connection, rest, silence. In the beautiful atmosphere in the middle of a national park, supported by delicious food. Simplicity, authenticity, and kind, sensual people will imprint lightness and beauty upon you.

You can express yourself, create, be in silence, relaxed from moment to moment.

Self-care will be your number 1 priority.

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July 21 – 28

7 days Retreat

Danube national park 

When the Silence speaks – the Great word is born



When the Silence speaks – the Great word is born

7-days retreat

The theme of the workshop is the inner beauty of sound and movement. We will dedicate ourselves to the beauty, all the beauty that surrounds us. Beauty outside and inside us.

  • Where does the origin of this beauty lie?
  • And how does the vibration, the sound of beauty we perceive, affect our body, emotions, and mind?
  • What happens?
The secret of an individual’s inner beauty of sound is hidden within themselves

We all remember the mysterious feeling that overwhelmed us, inspired us, relaxed us, threw us into a special state of being when we recognised the beauty in something and it captivated us. It’s hard to find words for it, but we feel it in our depth and express it in such moments.

Beauty is expressed when the body and mind, and our heart and soul are in harmony with the right tone. What does this mean? We will delve into this during the workshop.

The harmony of the body, mind, and heart depends on external impressions/life: the food we eat, the air we breathe, the way we live, the people we meet, the work we do, the atmosphere that surrounds us, and the impressions we receive from the environment.

Why do we love beauty, why are we attracted to it?

Beauty communicates the harmony of each being – the beauty that vibrates from somewhere behind, in the background, within. It conveys that indescribable but sensitive sound, vibration, music that is in harmony with everything that is alive and in continuous movement.

Before we meet, I leave you with two questions for contemplation:
What propels beauty?
What is needed for beauty to express itself as it is?

To begin with, let me say that beauty awakens with the right movement and the right sound. These two are mutual and interdependent.

Movement and music lead us to the force of the beauty of the sound of our inner selves, our soul.
The beauty we perceive around us reminds us that it exists. It leads us to the beauty within ourselves.

As we focus attentively on the feeling and the word “beauty,” we will set in motion a wheel that will take us in the desired direction. At the JandaLa estate, we will be surrounded by a wonderful atmosphere of beauty, good air, pleasant people, untouched nature, and water. You will be caressed by a special wind that will soften and relax you.

Your guide on this path to the individual soul, as some teachings call it, will be Kristina De Ventus.

Kristina is recognized for her unique guidance. She recognizes the beauty of Pantha Rhei/the flow of life, its wisdom, intelligence, and pure relaxation from one conscious moment to another. Life taught her a long time ago, and she says:

“Life is feeling the beauty of the soul. Beauty that makes the journey through life light, quiet, serene, yet full of the fire of passion, harmonious, in harmony with the flow of life”.

Kristina is a renowned international teacher of movement and dance techniques. The insights from her successful and rich 32-year professional dance career – she was a four-time national and world champion and participated in the prestigious Alvin Ailey dance theatre in New York – and her long-term exploration of human potentials have been condensed into methods that lead to presence, relaxation, awareness, creativity, balance, well-being, and joy of life through movement, relaxation techniques, and breathing.

Kristina’s teaching is light, relaxed, authentic, professional, playful, from moment to moment, as she says she cannot teach any other way. Read more about her here.

Techniques and methods on the path to beauty

Techniques and methods


  • Gurdjieff Sacred Dances and Movements
  • Whirling
  • Meditations (of various kinds)
  • Ishmech, dance without form

* Information for participants familiar with Kristina De Ventus’s work – this seminar will be a blend of everything Kristina teaches. It could also be called a selection of the best.

How will the seminar look in practice?
  • Morning meditation, activation of the breath of life
  • Kundalini meditation
  • Awakening and connection with nature. Visit to an uninhabited island with untouched nature, where horses roam freely, where centuries-old trees stand, birds nest, and river branches murmur.
  • Wisdom of the body, the body knows. Strengthening exercises to maintain and preserve muscle tone, gentle, pleasant exercises for the harmonisation of breath, physical body, awareness, and direct feeling.
  • Gurdjieff sacred dances: movement and music for the harmonisation of body/emotions/mind. Every day. It is an effective system for harmonising and de-automatising humans, achieving stability, and developing higher states of intelligence.
  • Harmony with nature and special instruments.
  • Fusion between music and existence: dance without form, soul, free Ishmech dance.
    Ishmech leads to the complete harmonisation of the human being. It is a dance-movement method. The participant is elevated into empathy with the music and existence, based on the simplicity of the beauty of the soul and heart. The sound of music, rhythm, and breath lead them to freedom and perfection in the present moment. Creation arises from the individual’s freedom of movement from now to now.
  • Night or morning tuning with nature – meditation
  • Fine-tuning: recognising the beauty of music, voice, sounds, and their movement and their impact on the internal and external atmosphere.
  • Whirling – an ancient technique
    Whirling initially harmonises the physical body (lightness, mastering the ability to spin on one point), then becomes in harmony with breathing. Movement, infused with vital force, helps balance the right and left sides of the body, soften muscles, open energy channels, regenerate the body, and set the skeleton in a natural position. During whirling, conditions are created that point to the space/core of our Being, helping us understand the experience.
  • Creative communication through the body: allow yourself to be.

All meditations, techniques, movements are created to serve as tools for a more subtle perception, deeper feeling of your individual nature, sharp and clear mind, and the simplicity and beauty of your own soul. We will create silence to allow us to perceive and allow ourselves to feel deeper – the beauty. And what lies beyond it.

  • Gathering by the fire, sauna, saltwater pool, scenic resting corners.
    The estate is large enough for you to rest in yourself, relax and regenerate, and be in silence.

Don’t worry about how it will be. Allow yourself, surrender, relax, and start – enjoy Pantha Rhei.

Why the JandaLa estate?

JandaLa, the estate of seven winds 

Kristina De Ventus Kristina De Ventus has already led workshops at this unique location. She returns because the environment supports the workshop’s content with careful consideration in every step and detail.

Massive wood with a soul, stories of selected stones, the whispering of vegetation, seven benevolent winds, water rich in minerals that helps maintain electrolyte balance in the body.

The estate is located in the Fruška Gora National Park. Fruška Gora is famous for the largest linden forest in Europe. The mountain’s position and its vegetation create a specific climate that profoundly benefits the body and psyche. Wind and air currents, called the wind rose, play a significant role, and locals say that the winds crossing this magical place seem to be created to help humans heal the body and calm the mind.

A renowned businessman said that he rested and regenerated better in two days on the estate than in 14 days of vacation.

Wellness and relaxation

  • Saltwater pool
  • Outdoor jacuzzi with a view of the Danube and the starry sky
  • Sauna
  • Resting corners
  • Right next to the estate flows the Danube River. In the morning, you can admire the mist on the water and the awakening of a multitude of different birds, during the day the navigation of boats and ships, and in the evening, stunning sunsets.

The estate is less than an hour drive from Belgrade and Novi Sad, and 8 km from the highway.

The conditions here are optimal for work. We are alone on the property and we adapt all our activities to our own rhythm, without interference from the outside world.

The programme will also take place in a 140 m2 hall built from natural materials. The sound system is superb, the floor is adapted for movement and dancing. There are also toilets and showers in the building.


What customers love:

  • Dance Ishmech brings fantastic well-being. You truly loosen up, and your body relaxes. The sensation is phenomenal when you realize what is happening. You begin to feel energy in your body, then your entire body, even things like the heartbeat; you become aware of how you breathe. Gradually, you return to what a person should be, to yourself, to nature. Over time, dance becomes fantastic meditation. You can truly disconnect the mind and surrender to joy, happiness, energy, and a better well-being.
  • Gurdjieff workshops are like a laboratory for active exploration of what the body can endure (body, emotions, mind). I discovered where I am weak and where I am strong. This gave me understanding about myself, about how I am made. Emotions that accompanied me every day – anger, fear of freezing – I explored safely with Kristina. I found that the world is not terrible, that I can handle it. Doors opened for me to even explore these aspects. Today, the most precious thing for me is that I am no longer trapped.
  • The effects of whirling led me to feeling. Everything that deviated from the centre before – internal restlessness – were my mistakes, misunderstandings, and inconsistency with what is. Such a simple and seemingly senseless technique taught me more about understanding myself than years of studying psychology.
  • Whirling is a transformation from old patterns. Laughter, joy, the child’s soul within us awakens. Through whirling, we gain insight into what is happening within us from a different perspective, frequencies, and vibrations. The tornado or chaos seemingly created from the outside by spinning transforms internally into peace, focus, acceptance, and the integration of everything we are.
  • The techniques really work. I see changes, trust Kristina, and believe that I am creating a better version of myself.
  • I might have discovered the blocks and labels I found in the 7-day program on my own, but it would probably have taken years. Here, I got it served on a platter; I just had to take it.



  • From Kristina, I am learning subtlety in movement and being. I haven’t encountered a person who has surrendered more deeply than she has. Her touch, voice, energy, and presence are divine. 
  • Kristina is very patient. She accepts everything that happens. Therefore, I find it easier to accept. “This moment is over. Let it go. What you have experienced, you have experienced.” Kristina doesn’t allow rushing forward but builds a foundation. Then results happen, and you live in that state. You don’t have to keep going to workshops all the time. 
  • Kristina’s guidance is sincere. I feel her dedication and faith in everything she does. She does everything with heart and invests all of herself, and it shows. She senses when and how to act, always for the good of the person. I trust her.

Price, accommodation, transport

Workshop dates

July 21 – 28, 2024       
Arrival: from 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Departure: after breakfast

 Registration closes April 27  ⇒  *register here*

* The spoken language will be English. If you need a translation for Slovene; Croatian and Serbian language, we will provide one. For other languages contact us.

Location: JandaLa estate, Fruška Gora National Park, Serbia
50 km from Belgrade, 40 km from Novi Sad
8 km from the highway
On the estate only our group will be present.

Workshop price

590,00 EUR – early bird untill March 29.
680,00 EUR – price from March 30.

You confirm your application by paying a non-refundable deposit of EUR 300. This makes your application valid. You will receive the payment details after you have submitted your application.

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Accommodation price

Food and accommodation: 72 – 80 EUR/day.

 * choose your room here*

You pay for your accommodation stay on the location. The accommodation price depends on the capacity you choose. Rooms are generally double. If capacities allow, it will be possible to choose a single room.

*The tourist tax is currently RSD 70 (EUR 0.7) per person per night. It is payable on site.


By car
It’s about a 5-hour drive from Ljubljana.

By plane
Nearest airport: Nikola Tesla – Belgrade
Price for airport shuttle:
*65 EUR (4+1), price is per car, not per person.
*85 EUR (7+1), price is per van, not per person.

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